Because Skin Cancer Sucks.

Ok so the title is a little dramatic, but I have to stress how much I care about protecting my skin in the sun. You should be protecting your skin from UV rays all year round, but now that summer weather is here, daily sun protection is absolutely necessary. My daily foundation is a tinted moisturizer with SPF 18, and I just picked up this great set by Supergoop at the Nordstrom Beauty Trend Show last weekend.

This is the But First, Sunscreen set by Supergoop. You can pick it up at Nordstrom or Sephora for $25. It comes with 3 travel-sized containers of the Unseen Sunscreen with SPF 40, Broad Spectrum Setting Mist with SPF 50, and Super Power Sunscreen Mousse with SPF 50.

The Unseen Sunscreen is water and sweat resistant, has an oil-free formula, and goes on so light. Its colorless and scentless, so you don’t need to worry if you’ve rubbed it in all the way or have any white marks.

The Defense Refresh Setting Mist is an awesome product to keep in your purse to re-up on your UV protection throughout the day. You can use it in the morning to set your makeup and protect your skin with SPF 50. It also has rosemary and mint in it so it smells AH-MAZING.

The Sun Power Sunscreen Mousse is so cool and different. It’s a really light weight mousse that you can use as a moisturizer on its own, or underneath your makeup. It’s water resistant, absorbs into your skin quickly, and is good for all skin types.

What are your favorite brands for sun skin care?

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