When Your Kids Need a Venue Change and You Need to Get Some Work Done

Attention Philly area parents: a new play space has come and you NEED to check it out! Village Play Space is opening this Monday June 18th in Berwyn. They’re located near Handel’s so you can go get your kids hyped up on ice cream, then head to Village Play Space to let them play off the sugar rush while you sit in the dining area and get some work done with their free WiFi. A huge thank you to owner, Sara Martino, for letting my little monsters and I come for a sneak peek before the big day!

The Lowdown:

ADDRESS: 4 Midland Ave, Berwyn, PA

HOURS: Monday – Friday: 9am – 3pm Saturdays: Private parties Sundays: Closed


  • BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks) with the option to purchase small snacks on site.
  • Shoe-free
  • Ideal for ages 6 and under, but they have games, chairs, and select activities for older siblings

When you walk in, you’re greeted by the adorable “village” that’s the perfect size for your rugrats. There are 3 different storefronts that will be changed throughout the year. Right now there’s an ice cream shop, a hardware store, and a bakery.

Sara has done a great job of curating a large range of toys for various ages, so that everyone can play!

There’s also a ladder that leads to a crawlspace above the village and opens up to a slide on the other side.

The reading corner is stocked with lots of books and some adorable chairs to sit and read to your littles.

There’s ample seating and free WiFi, so you can come and (attempt to) get some work done while the kids play. *Added bonus: they’ll have complimentary coffee on hand because what parent doesn’t appreciate a nice dose of caffeine?

I’m thrilled that a new play space is opening up in the area. The kids were never bored, had plenty of variety, and especially enjoyed the village. Plus, you’re supporting a small local business! Sara told me they have some awesome events planned for the future including parent after hour happy hours, crafts, music concerts, and possibly teaming up with Handel’s for an ice cream event!

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