Because Skin Cancer Sucks.

Ok so the title is a little dramatic, but I have to stress how much I care about protecting my skin in the sun. You should be protecting your skin from UV rays all year round, but now that summer weather is here, daily sun protection is absolutely necessary. My daily foundation is a tinted... Continue Reading →

Interview with a Real Life SuperMom

I recently had the opportunity to interview an absolute rock star of a mom. Laura and I went to high school together. She's a single mom with 2 beautiful daughters, one of whom has special needs. She's a full time school counselor, and also manages to find the time and energy to long distance races... Continue Reading →

Traveling with Toddlers

One of the most dreaded things about having a toddler is flying with one. Everyone pictures the same thing when they think of kids on an airplane: screaming, crying, and seats being kicked. I'm here to tell you that it's (mostly) not true. My whole life I was always a horrible flyer. I cried as... Continue Reading →

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